Performance of the clip object versus the use of overlapping rectangles

What is the best technique to create a model whose size is smaller than the display size (Please take a look at the attachment). Would you use a clip object or draw black rectangles that enclose the model. Which is the most efficient in terms of memory consumption? Which performs better?

The better solution is the Clip object.

For the rectangle approach, the rectangles would be created in the Gap area and arranged to be on top of all other objects in the model area. Then when an object is partially or completely in the Gap area, that portion is hidden by the rectangles. But, in this approach, the object still draws if it is in the Gap area (and something causes it to draw) and the Gap area rectangle must redraw to cover it up. This requires extra CPU execution time.

With a Clip object, DeepScreen uses the target’s clipping capability to clip the object if it is partially outside the Clip object. If it is completely outside the Clip object area, it is not drawn at all.



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