The exe window is the wrong size due to a trim that clips the Altia GUI window when building from Visual Studio 2013 using the Windows target!

We have discovered an issue with MS Visual Studio 2013 when building projects after having generating code for the Altia DeepScreen x86 Windows Software Render target. The resulting exe window size gets clipped or trimmed, thus making the viewable area too small for the entire Altia GUI window.

The fix is simply to tweak a single Visual Studio project setting:

 In a Visual Studio 2013 project, the APPVER can be forced to 5.01 (5.01 works as well as 5.02 from my quick test) with this setting:

Project > Properties > Configuration Properties > General > Platform Toolset > Visual Studio 2013 – Windows XP (v120_xp)

Please contact support  if this solution does not fix the issue for you.

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