Create a custom shape mask, or a arc shape gauge.

There are many ways to make arc-shaped gauges. For a KB with a couple working dsn examples, see here:

However, this KB discusses the cover-over/cut-out method, which is also a nice alternative method, should the methods in the above KB not work for your hardware.

You can create a custom gauge using a masked shape placed  over an animated object. Masked shape can be created using PNG image containing a trasparent Area.
In the Image_1 you can see a simple rectangle placed over a mask. In the Image_2 the mask is placed over the rectangle. You can create a simple horizontal stretching animation over the rectangle in order to animate your gauge. See also the attached video.



Video :



You can also create an arc shape gauge using a Pie object:

  1. Take the Pie object from the related Altia library.
  2. The Pie object slice grows in the counter-clockwise direction so you have to rotate and flip the pie chart if you need that the slice starts from bottom left border.
  3. Setup the radius of pie object using the radius animation.
  4. Place the mask over the pie object.
  5. You can change the the size of slice by changing percent animation (from 0 to 100) followed by setting draw animation to 1.

See the Image_3 for some details.

 Image_3 :

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