3D Camera setup in Maya

This article describes the steps to setup the camera in Maya so that what you see through it will be what you see in Altia.  Note that this will not affect any camera animations already defined on the timeline.  It is best if camera animations are defined after these steps have been taken.

  1. Decide on the dimensions of the 3D Scene object in Altia. This can be any size, but keep in mind the target hardware resource limitations. Let's use 500x300 for our example.
  2. In Maya's Outliner window, select the camera you wish to setup. Let's use camera1 for our example.
  3. In the Attribute Editor window, make sure the following are set for the camera.
    Camera Attributes > Angle of View: (Set as desired)
    Film Back > Camera Aperture: 1.000

    Film Back > Film Aspect Ratio: 0.600 (which is calculated from 300/500)
  4. In the Perspective window, view the scene through camera1:
    Panels > Perspective > camera1
  5. Turn on the window's resolution gate overlay to see how the scene will be framed in Altia.
    View > Camera Settings > Resolution Gate
  6. Open the Rendering Settings window and set the resolution size:
    Window > Rendering Editors > Rendering Settings
    Image Size > Width: 500
    Image Size > Height: 300
  7. Pan, rotate, and zoom the scene.  The camera's position and attitude will change accordingly.  Scrub through the timeline to make sure any animations will fit within the view.


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