Maximizing the performance of hiding or dismissing objects on hardware

There are several ways to hide objects in Altia Design: using Show/Hide animations; controlling the object's Opacity setting; placing it in a non-visible Deck card; etc.  Some of these methods are more processor intensive than others. Depending upon the method, the object may be fully computed for redraw even when "hidden", or for the least computational intensive methods, the object may be completely dismissed from the current render list and redraw task.

The list below shows how to best optimize the redraw computation to get the most performance out of your GUI while it is running on hardware. 

Methods to hide an object, in order from “least redraw/computation” to “most redraw/computation”:


  • Object in a non-active card
  • Object is hidden
  • Object in clip and is clipped
  • Object is off-screen
  • Object is on screen at 0% opacity
  • Object is on screen and 1-100% opacity (object is actually drawn for this case)
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