Create a Windows exe Using DeepScreen

Generating code for your GUI will be the same process as shown in the following video:

However, for Windows, instead of choosing the i.MX6 codegen target, you will want to choose the Intel x86 Software Render Windows codegen target, and select all of the options (plus the bat file and gen file) as shown in the screenshot below.

To compile the generated code for Windows, you will need to have visual studio installed (the free Visual Studio 2010 Express for C/C++ works just fine). The default makefile for the Windows DeepScreen target calls nmake for the compile process, and nmake is part of the Visual Studio installation. If you compare the process to the DeepScreen/Code Generation videos in the knowledge base, the steps are the same, except that you stop short of copying anything to hardware, and do not need a VMWare image for the compile process.

In fact, right after the code generation process is complete, you simply click the "Make Standalone" button in Altia Design, since Visual Studio also runs in Windows, and you are creating a Windows executable.

In short, click Generate Code, choose options shown in screenshot, click Generate, click Done, then click Make Standalone on the Code Generation ribbon. You will have a standalone .exe file in the same directory as your dsn file. This all assumes that you have installed and have a license for the "Intel x86 Software Render Windows" DeepScreen target.

This screenshot below illustrates what your code generation dialog should look like when generating code for Windows. Ensure that you provide both the proper .bat and .gen file at the bottom of the dialog window. NOTE: The directory/version number may differ on your system vs. what is shown in the screenshot.


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    Hi Brain,

    I have Visual Studio 2010 Express for C/C++ installed, but when I click the "Make Standalone" button it shows

    NOTE: Closing this MS-DOS prompt window will terminate nmake!
    An acceptable Visual Studio environment was not found. Visual Studio is required to build this target.

    Could you tell me how to fix this issue?

    Best Regards,


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    Brian Stewart

    Hi Chaunon, I converted your community comment into an Altia Support ticket, since that is how we address questions. Thanks!

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