Why images may disappear

Image Object can dynamically reference a .png image anywhere in the system.  However, images may disappear if we use the built-in animation “objID_image_name” improperly.  This could happen under the following two situations. 

Under the first situation, the built-in animation “objID_image_name” is holding a string value, e.g. “path/filename” or “filename”, while users define another animation in the design with the same animation name as “objID_image_name” or rename “objID_image_name” to be something else.  In this case, users would send a digital value to the animation. This will lead to the disappearance of the image when open the .dsn file in Altia Design again.  This happens because a digital value was sent to the animation while the built-in animation was expecting a string value “path/filename” or just “filename”.

Under the second situation, suppose users send a relative path, e.g. a relative path of a .dsn file, to the built-in animation “objID_image_name”.  However, if the base working path for the .dsn file changes, which may result from importing another image, xml file, or .dsn file from a different path, users may fail to load a new image into the design using the previous relative path.  

To avoid the disappearance of images, please keep the following best practices in mind:

1)   Only send strings to the built-in animation “objID_image_name”;

2)   Don’t change the base working path when using the relative path to load images.

3)   If the base working path must be changed,  use a full path instead of a relative path.

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