[Altia Forum] How to share a Simulink model linked with one or more Altia models

I'm assuming the user you're sending to has Simulink (without Real-time Workshop) and nothing else. The answer could be somewhat simpler than this depending on if you have The MathWorks' Real-time Workshop and/or Altia's DeepScreen. You need to send the user:

  • Simulink files ( .mdl, etc.)
  • Altia Files (.dsn, .rtm, .mxc)
  • Link to the Altia/Simulink Connection (they don't need a license). You could also just send them the altMLzip.exe file that you have instead of a link to our FTP site.

They can then install the the Altia/Simulink Connection, open your .mdl file (containing the Altia S-Function block), and run the simulation.

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